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Life in Algonquin, 

The Log Cabin Way.

Who We Are


Algonquin Log Homes is a family-owned real estate development firm specializing in design & construction of log cabin homes for residential, commercial, and luxury rental purposes, ensuring a lasting legacy for generations to enjoy.


We pride ourselves in our quality craftsmanship while ensuring our clients are provided with the proper care, value & complete satisfaction.

Custom Log Cabins

Our custom log cabin homes are meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail, guaranteeing durability, comfort, and style. Whether it's a primary residence or a vacation retreat you seek, our homes seamlessly blend rustic charm with modern convenience, catering to your needs and lifestyle.

Log Cabin Kits

We specialize in offering high-quality log cabin kits designed to provide an accessible and cost-effective means for individuals to construct their dream cabin in the midst of the great outdoors. 

Land & Property Development

Comprehensive land development services are available, encompassing site planning, design, permitting, and construction management, transforming your land into a fully developed and functional property.

Forest Road


At the core of our values, we prioritize quality in crafting log cabins. We employ top-tier materials, skilled craftsmen, and advanced techniques to create log cabin homes that consistently surpass the expectations of our clients.


Our log homes are built to last, employing only the highest quality materials and construction techniques to ensure durability and strength. Designed to withstand the test of time, our homes offer a reliable and sturdy sanctuary for generations to enjoy.


We offer great value as log home builders by providing personalized attention to each project, using cost-effective materials and techniques, and delivering exceptional quality homes that are comparable to those of more expensive big time builders.

Why Choose Us?

Past Projects

While we specialize in log homes, but, we also build a-frames, treehouses & other beautiful structures!

Forest Road

Our business is fundamentally rooted in sustainability, recognizing the crucial role of environmental preservation. We are committed to building homes that not only embody sustainability but actively contribute to the conservation of resources for future generations.

Explore Your Future Home:
Dive Into Our Website!

Embark on a virtual journey through our world of bespoke log cabin homes. Our website is your first step towards envisioning and customizing your ideal retreat. Immerse yourself in our galleries, detailed plans, and insightful information, all designed to inspire and guide you towards your dream home.


features owning a

log home

Energy Efficient

Log homes maintain consistent temperatures more efficiently due to their high thermal mass, our in-floor radiant heating systems combined with high efficiency wood stoves.

Rustic Appeal

Aesthetically pleasing from any view, the rugged beauty mixed with the modern appeal of log cabins & waking up surrounded by log walls is something quite special our customers love.


Our log cabins are not only great value, but when compared to traditional homes they retain a strong resale value even many years down the road.

Environmentally Friendly

By using wood logs as our primary building products, we reduce our overall environmental impact as these materials are renewable & sustainable.

Craftsmanship & Durability

The longevity of log homes are far greater than traditional homes, our log walls are built solidly to last for generations to come with proper maintenance. 


Tailor-made to exceed your vision, with the ability to be built on various terrains, to be used year-round or rented out during months away making it easy to enjoy!


2 bed

1 bath


Q2 2022

Darlings Den

Q2 - 2022





Q3 2022


The Aspen Haus

4 bed

2.5 bath


Q4 2022


In The Trees (Phase 1)


Q2 2023


Blurry Forest
Ready to take the next step?

Don't hesitate to take the next leap and contact us to inquire about your new future log home build, as we are always ready to provide personalized attention and expert guidance to help you bring your dream log home to life. Let's work together to create the log home of your dreams!

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